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Too-Long Tiktok: Recipe for a Control Casserole

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

If you happened to somehow snatch my phone away from my face, you will find an embarrassing amount of saved Tiktoks in my gallery folder that I haven't posted anywhere and I've been meaning to post here on the blog. These are the Tiktoks that were too long to put on Instagram reels. The videos that you have to actually press the post to continue and who's doing that? Not me. And I hate reposting someone else's Tiktok content on TikTok because it feels like ...I don't know...stealing..? Don't ask me where I get these weird, arbitrary social rules in my head okay? It's just there. I've already made peace with it and you should too.

Let's focus on the task at hand people! (getting these Tiktok vids off my phone!)

Anyways, this is one that needs to see the light of day. In Ep 21 , where I review the documentary, Unacknowledged, with Monte, I mention how we can't possibly understand the scope, power, and money of the government, the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds. When the question was asked as to why they wouldn't divulge powerful information to help humans advance because seriously, why keep it under wraps? Just because of money and power? While it does seem like a weak answer, it really isn't when you think of all the dirty deeds that have gone unnoticed and unchecked attached to all that money and power. It was a legit question though because Monte is a good person and good people think of how many things can be positively affected with stuff like free energy as Tesla had wanted.

But, in my opinion, the uber-wealthy and the powerful (notoriously famous for not being very good people) think of all that they would lose and how it will very likely expose all of their dirty, shady deeds that would end their reign if it were completely out to the public. That's what they care about and that's why we're not driving a car that can run on water.

And if that did happen, the public would finally have the common enemy that would bring them together! Hurrah! It's not aliens from some other planet that will take from us because the thieves are already inside our house!! (is what I'll be shouting on the corner when I'm retired.)

Anyways, Rothschilds have always been part of the picture when it comes to real and deep wealth, but this particular Tiktok delves into just how old the power/money really is and where it all came from. Have any of you ever heard of the Orisini family? Because I hadn't! The Orisini's had 5 popes and 34 Cardinals in the family!

It's like the answer to a weird cooking question on Jeopardy.

Me: I'll take Conspiracy Theories for $500 Alec (rip)

Alec: Recipe for a Control Casserole?

Me: What is 5 whole popes, 34 cloves of Cardinal, two handfuls of pedos and Presidents, baked for 300 to 400 years, until the cheese melts?

Come back next week for another Too Long Tiktok I can ramble on about. Meanwhile, tell me what you think in the comments and don't forget to listen to the latest episode for more on the documentary, Unacknowleged.

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