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Titanic Survivors Tell Their Chilling Stories

In my latest episode, my guest Debi and I watch and review a documentary about the Titanic that was unlike any other Titanic documentary I had seen before. This documentary explored the possibilty that it was actually The Olympic that sank and NOT the Titanic for the purpose of getting that sweet insurance money that was denied the Olympic after the boat was involved in several crashes, the worst one having been deemed the fault of the Olympic. It is an absolutely fascinating documentary. You can listen to the podcast HERE and watch the documentary HERE .

While we're not totally convinced this was true, Debi and I agreed that there was definitely something shady going on and it probably involved JPMorgan.

P.S. - towards the end of the episode, I start calling the Olympic the Olympian because that's when the caffeine ran out. Sorry.

Honestly? I don't want to believe that it was an insurance fraud gone wrong. It would be absolutely awful considering all the lives that were lost and the impact it left on the survivors. I stumbled on this Tiktok that showed some vintage footage of Titanic survivors describing what they saw and heard when the Titanic sank. It's absolutely chilling. You can see in their faces that it still affects them whenever they talk about it.

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