This Post Will Have You Talking To Trees!

Updated: Jul 11

Another day, another Tiktok trend! BUT this is something that's right up our alley! Can trees really hear us AND respond? It sounds ridiculous but I've been seeing a ton of tiktoks of people who have tried it and it looked like it may have worked? The first video that went viral shows a girl walking out and telling the tree to touch her shoulder. Her angle was a little questionable, so I wasn't too sure. But then I see another video and another and another - AND... long story short. I'll be outside talking to my tree! But I'll leave it up to you guys! What do you think? Drop a comment below and tell me is this is a bunch of BS or if you think it might be legit and WHY! Let's discuss. Enjoy the videos below and remember to take a video of yourself if you do end up having a chat with your trees. Tag me on Tiktok! I would love to see it!




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