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Revisiting The Andreasson Affair

The Betty Andreasson abduction was one story I had never heard of until last year. I don't know how I happened to hear about, The Andreasson Affair (probably through a podcast) but after listening to the audiobook, I couldn't believe I had ne

ver heard of it. The believability ranking for me is right up there with Travis Walton's and Betty and Barney's alien abduction stories, as in these are ordinary people with extraordinary experiences that do not seem to have a money-making/publicity angle.

Betty's journey into finding out exactly what happened to her and her family after one strange evening is as fascinating as the actual incident. Non-believers and skeptics might waver on their beliefs after reading the full story on her alien abduction. Scientists, rese

archers and psychologists work together for years to peek behind the veil of Betty's missing time and help a family cope with an incredible and life-changing experience. You can buy it as a book or listen to it through Audible. (I highly recommend the audiobook! )

Check out my RECOMMENDATIONS page for more books/audiobooks about the paranormal!

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