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Paranormal Samantha Brown of Haunted Houses

girl scared with ghost behind her

If you haven't heard the news, I have a Ko-Fi page now in my pursuit to become the Paranormal Samantha Brown. I just really feel like there needs to be a more light-hearted approach to the paranormal. Yes, it'll still be scary but it'll also be informative and fun that not only focuses on the paranormal but also focus more on the people behind the story and what one would do, go and eat locally, if they were to visit with the goal to inspire the viewer to open their minds and go on a road trip to different haunted houses or strange locations.

Essentially, it's a show I've always wanted to see and haven't seen. So why not do it myself right?- for now, I can only afford to talk about these places, but with your help, we can make this show a reality!

One location that's on my haunted house list is The Allen House in Arkansas. Aside from the scary sightings, the Allen House has such a sad and heartbreaking story behind the haunting. Check out my latest Youtube video for more. Comment below and tell me what's a road trip-worthy haunted site and I'll add it to my wish list!

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