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New Youtube Episode! Top 5 Most Legit Alien Abductions

I'm still getting the hang of creating and posting regularly on Youtube so you may have noticed that I didn't post last week. I got super ambitious with this episode and it ended up being 15 minutes. A little long, but I felt like I couldn't skimp on any of these stories. I also try not to read from a script because I want it to feel like your friend (me! Hi!) is telling you the story and I think reading from a script makes me sound stiff. Until I become a better actor, I'll just be a mediocre improv Youtuber.

In this video, I talk about the 5 most legit alien abductions I've ever read or heard of (in my opinion). Some of it is based on evidence but mostly, I based on it the actual people who experienced the alien abduction. To me, these particular experiences seem to be coming from individuals who aren't doing it for fame, money, or attention but truly believe they experienced something they cannot explain. What do you think? Whose story do you believe? Do you like strange and unusual stories like this?


if any of the links below don't work please go to:

Granger Taylor:

David Huggins:

Betty and Barney:

Interrupted Journey:


Travis Walton:

Betty Andreasson:

PLEASE NOTE: Any purchases made from the links provided will earn me a commission and helps support the channel! Thank you in advance! If you haven't already subscribed, please do! It would help me out a lot! If you can't finish it, let it run in the background and tag it to watch later so Youtube can see you didn't lose interest in it 3 or 4 minutes in (And frankly, even if you did, Youtube will never know if you just let it play until the very end! haha!)

Enjoy! And Thank you for your patience! What topic do you want me to tackle next?

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