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My Favorite Murder Signs With Amazon - and People Are PISSED

As most people know, one of my favorite podcasts that's on heavy rotation in my ear holes every week is My Favorite Murder. They're one of the reasons I started my podcast!

Their odd mix of murder and humor (a combo that doesn't look like it would work on paper but somehow does with Karen and Georgia) is what makes them a stand-out podcast.

Aside from murders, Karen and Georgia use their podcast platform to speak out against many injustices, one of which is corporate greed and the 1 percent. So it was a surprise to many when this week it was announced that The Exactly Right Network, ,founded in 2018 by the hosts of MFM, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, partnered up with Wondery and Amazon Music

to allow distribution of the My Favorite Murder Podcast and all other Exactly Right podcasts on Wondery and Amazon Music.

Nothing changes with the show except for the fact that episodes will be available on Wondery and Amazon Music a day earlier than all the other podcast platforms.

It sounds like a wonderful deal - in fact, I went on their Instagram and congratulated them, but the announcement spiraled into a giant backlash like no other.

If you take a quick look at the comments just on their Instagram page, people are angry that they've decided to sign on with well-known 1 percenter, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. Amazon has been known to treat their employees like garbage and most people think Amazon is the poster child of corporate greed - something MFM was always against.

Here are just a few of the comments regarding their announcement to join forces with Amazon Music:


"The stories aren't as funny now knowing you sold to amazon - you always say the system needs to change but you just helped the 1% get richer. I related and trusted you two, you were my therapists and sisters. Now when I listen, I'll just think "is this Karen and Georgia or corporate Amazon speaking"


"Love you guys but this is not the vibe besties"


"You guys sold out ot Amazon? How disappointing.


"Karen and Georgia have left the resistance"


"I think this is where I give up on y'all lmfao"

Despite all the negative backlash, Karen and Georgia haven't addressed it on their show at the time that I'mwriting this, nor have they responded to any of the comments that have been flooding their social media. It made people even angrier when they posted a cartoon short on their Instagram a day after the announcement.


Still waiting for a "what this means for fans" post


Just further confirmation of their priorities. To ignore the backlash is cringe, ignorant and disappointing. Best of luck with Bezos.


It would feel both respectful and comforting for you to both address a large part about the distress of pairing with Amazon and what exactly is changing first. We're still greatly hurt.

Their new episode is out today which I'll be listening to because I'm curious as to what they are going to say about this issue, if at all. They usually don't address any conflict that happens between the murderinos and themselves - like when they replayed episodes during their breaks or when Etsy took down MFM independent merch that they had encouraged their fans to make.

What do you think of all this? Is it deserved? Will you still listen to MFM? And do you think Karen and Georgia expected this kind of backlash?

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