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Happy Notes From Listen Notes! AKA: My love letter to you

Can I just take time out to brag really quickly? I just saw onListen Notes that my Listen Score was 25 and I rank in the top 10% of most listened-to podcasts! Now granted there are about 3 mil podcasts out there currently, but STILL. This makes me so happy! The podcast retention rate makes me happy as well. You, dear listeners, listen to 95% of each podcast episode and in some cases 100%! That's pretty good for a lil' ol podcast like mine.

I try not to get too impressed or disappointed by numbers because quite honestly, this is not why I'm podcasting. My goal is to provide fun and interesting topics with banter that will make people laugh and possibly open their minds. Plus, I get a chance to talk to my favorite people and celebrities that I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd ever get to talk to!

But sometimes, I do feel like I'm putting these episodes out into the ether because the numbers change from platform to platform (IE: I'm consistently frustrated with Chartables numbers that don't seem to line up with Spreakers numbers, etc.)

And honestly, I didn't know if I could get the audience from my old Wait, Whaaat podcast to switch over to Wait, Whaaat Are You Watching because change, no matter how small, is uncomfy for most people. So in that sense, the numbers are reassuring. There are people out there listening, and the numbers are growing continuously.

So if you're a listener thank you so much! I know there are a lot of lurkers on my socials and on the podcast itself, but if you are ever so inclined please reach out and say hi! Or better yet, leave a 5-star review on Apple or Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts, then screenshot it and email/DM it to me so I can sing your praises and compliment you on your good taste!

And slowly but surely I'm getting more and more consistent with my Youtube Channel, so if you haven't already subscribed, watched and liked some videos, let me make it easy for you! Here's my latest Youtube episode! Enjoy!

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