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Creepy Compilation Videos Continue!

If you follow me on Youtube (and if you don't, click on the link and subscribe and watch your entire life become magical ...and creepy) you'll know I LOVE me some #Creepytok and #glitchtok - I've decided to continue my creepy compilation videos. This is part 12 of the series and the way the thumbnail is titled is exactly how I felt putting it together.

DON'T WATCH IT AT NIGHT! Especially if you're a muy larga chicken-o like I am (if you don't speak fluent Spanish as I do, that means I'm a giant chicken. You're welcome.)

OR do watch it at night - I can't do anything to stop you but the warning has been given! Watch it and tell me what you think. What's creepy? What's not? Or am I just an easy scare? My friend, author Joseph Stone would say I'm an easy scare for sure which is why he LOVES taking me to haunted houses during Halloween.

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